Hey y’all! Today here at The Hole in the Wall we’ll discuss some of our experiences with automotive repair shops in Las Vegas, NV where we’re stationed. This article will pertain to anyone in any state as well because of the patterns you’ll be able to see from these shops. Being able to spot a bad shop before paying them is a great asset to have. Especially if you haven’t been a car owner for a long period of time. Well, let’s just jump right in.

Auto Repair Shops Have Core Values

This is a very important statement right here. Every auto repair shop in the world has core values. As does any business for that matter. All businesses have core values because it’s what they operate from. Every business’ core values come directly from the owner, and can be passed down to managers, then to employees. When you walk into a shop and speak to a mechanic, if they rub you the wrong way at all, just leave. Most likely, they will be a bad shop and give you a negative experience. What you can do instead of what you currently do to weed out these bad shops is quite interestingly practical.

The practical things to do would be to first of all, shop around. Shopping around will make you aware of other opportunities for different types of people you can hire for the job. Most people will just hire anyone; the problem with that is that they will later on complain about their experience and leave a negative review about the shop. Doing this will leave a bad taste in their mouth forever more about automotive repair. This will in turn, stress them out every single time they need an auto repair. What we’re trying to do with this business blog at The Hole in the Wall is to spread only positive vibes about running business, and to hopefully put a small dent in the way we do things in regards to hiring other businesses.

Transmission vs Motor Swapping

So there’s been a lot of talk about sketchy transmission repair shops and also regular automotive shops ripping people off with motor swaps (engine overhaul). When a car repair shop gets a call with a customer inquiring about a motor swap or transmission swap, they sense that the customer will spend a lot of money. Now, this is absolutely true that any customer is ready to spend a lot of money for these services. It’s well-known that these services go for higher prices than most repairs do. Most people will get suspicious when they notice that the mechanic gives them a really high price. The thing is, the price is high across the board for any type of vehicle for big jobs like these. You can’t expect to pay less than $1000 for either one of those jobs to get done with good quality.

If you don’t care about your vehicle’s well-being and longevity, then keep shopping around for shops that will charge less than $1000 for these repairs. It will indeed be tough, but we suggest you call them and let them know immediately that you can’t afford any more than $800 for example. Tons of people will continue to think they’re getting ripped off for these transmission swaps or rebuilds. Most of the time they are wrong, and only sometimes they’re right. But this is why we look at reviews and the reputation the business has online. You can see what all past customers have said about their experiences. This will help you avoid being scammed from these high ticket repairs.

When You Find a Good Repair Shop, Recommend it to All of Your Friends & Family

This goes without saying. When you find a great mechanic shop, you have a duty to tell your friends and family about it. They deserve to know. You wouldn’t want your mom to be upset and stressed out everytime she needs a repair done to her car. The hassle your family and friends normally deal with is due to the experience as a whole. Making this experience better will shift the mood in the people who surround you. This is overall a good thing. Both for you and the other person. When it comes a time that someone close to you needs a repair done to their vehicle, they will only say good things and no negative things to you. Also, they will live longer if you factor in the toll that stress plays on us humans.

In Las Vegas, there’s a shop we always recommend you go if you’re in need of a repair. It is our duty for all the writers on this blog to recommend places that do good work with good customer service to their customers. This place is called I am Mechanics. I am Mechanics – auto repair Las Vegas, NV is the best place to go to by far. The quality of repair from the mechanics there is impeccable. They stand out the most as an auto repair shop in the Las Vegas valley. We’ve tried over 50 shops in the past year and took tallies on the differences in our experiences. The services at I am Mechanics are of full-range and they repair all car makes and models of any year. Overall, I am Mechanics stands out to be the very best in auto repair in Clark County.

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