The Hole In The Wall is a blog that covers a wide selection of business services. We write articles that give consumers a good look into specific industries that go anywhere from SEO to plumbing or even to dance classes. Our goal is to provide great content, videos and infographics to people looking for companies to hire, but need to know more about the industry. We find that a lot of times it’s really tough to go out and find a good reputable company in any given industry if you don’t have any sort of background knowledge about what you’re going to hire them for. The type of knowledge you can be sure to find on this blog is pretty much the basics so you can “speak the lingo” with the professional before you hire them on. This is important because there’s something terrible going around. What’s going around is businesses and companies are getting started like wildfire by people that have bad intentions. So what they end up doing is, they get a call, and they show up to the job to give a quote or estimate. At that point when they first come in contact with a customer, they act like they are the best in town at what they do. They trick someone into buying from them. Now the worst part about this is when they do such a bad job that you call them to have them come fix it, and they’re nowhere to be found! This makes a bad experience for innocent customers everywhere.

So that’s our purpose, to help customers all over the world to be able to gain slight knowledge of an industry before hiring a professional.