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Keeping Businesses Busy with Customers

Business, the hard way

Always keeping businesses busy with customers is a very important thing. Most business owners will see that this is the main expense for their budgeting. It should always go towards marketing for a service or a new product they’re offering.

Most people need to see this as true, because it simply is true. Most people don’t understand investing. That being said, there’s a lot of room for consultants to fit themselves in with other companies. Most people can’t see themselves doing something like this. They will end up failing big time thinking that way.

Keeping your business flourishing with targeted customers is the way to go. Always look for opportunities in making more money from your current customers. On top of that, always add new customers to your mix.

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Automotive shop photo of car repair

Auto Repair Shop Experience

Hey y’all! Today here at The Hole in the Wall we’ll discuss some of our experiences with automotive repair shops in Las Vegas, NV where we’re stationed. This article will pertain to anyone in any state as well because of the patterns you’ll be able to see from these shops. Being able to spot a bad shop before paying them is a great asset to have. Especially if you haven’t been a car owner for a long period of time. Well, let’s just jump right in.

Auto Repair Shops Have Core Values

This is a very important statement right here. Every auto repair shop in the world has core values. As does any business for that matter. All businesses have core values because it’s what they operate from. Every business’ core values come directly from the owner, and can be passed down to managers, then to employees. When you walk into a shop and speak to a mechanic, if they rub you the wrong way at all, just leave. Most likely, they will be a bad shop and give you a negative experience. What you can do instead of what you currently do to weed out these bad shops is quite interestingly practical.

The practical things to do would be to first of all, shop around. Shopping around will make you aware of other opportunities for different types of people you can hire for the job. Most people will just hire anyone; the problem with that is that they will later on complain about their experience and leave a negative review about the shop. Doing this will leave a bad taste in their mouth forever more about automotive repair. This will in turn, stress them out every single time they need an auto repair. What we’re trying to do with this business blog at The Hole in the Wall is to spread only positive vibes about running business, and to hopefully put a small dent in the way we do things in regards to hiring other businesses.

Transmission vs Motor Swapping

So there’s been a lot of talk about sketchy transmission repair shops and also regular automotive shops ripping people off with motor swaps (engine overhaul). When a car repair shop gets a call with a customer inquiring about a motor swap or transmission swap, they sense that the customer will spend a lot of money. Now, this is absolutely true that any customer is ready to spend a lot of money for these services. It’s well-known that these services go for higher prices than most repairs do. Most people will get suspicious when they notice that the mechanic gives them a really high price. The thing is, the price is high across the board for any type of vehicle for big jobs like these. You can’t expect to pay less than $1000 for either one of those jobs to get done with good quality.

If you don’t care about your vehicle’s well-being and longevity, then keep shopping around for shops that will charge less than $1000 for these repairs. It will indeed be tough, but we suggest you call them and let them know immediately that you can’t afford any more than $800 for example. Tons of people will continue to think they’re getting ripped off for these transmission swaps or rebuilds. Most of the time they are wrong, and only sometimes they’re right. But this is why we look at reviews and the reputation the business has online. You can see what all past customers have said about their experiences. This will help you avoid being scammed from these high ticket repairs.

When You Find a Good Repair Shop, Recommend it to All of Your Friends & Family

This goes without saying. When you find a great mechanic shop, you have a duty to tell your friends and family about it. They deserve to know. You wouldn’t want your mom to be upset and stressed out everytime she needs a repair done to her car. The hassle your family and friends normally deal with is due to the experience as a whole. Making this experience better will shift the mood in the people who surround you. This is overall a good thing. Both for you and the other person. When it comes a time that someone close to you needs a repair done to their vehicle, they will only say good things and no negative things to you. Also, they will live longer if you factor in the toll that stress plays on us humans.

In Las Vegas, there’s a shop we always recommend you go if you’re in need of a repair. It is our duty for all the writers on this blog to recommend places that do good work with good customer service to their customers. This place is called I am Mechanics. I am Mechanics – auto repair Las Vegas, NV is the best place to go to by far. The quality of repair from the mechanics there is impeccable. They stand out the most as an auto repair shop in the Las Vegas valley. We’ve tried over 50 shops in the past year and took tallies on the differences in our experiences. The services at I am Mechanics are of full-range and they repair all car makes and models of any year. Overall, I am Mechanics stands out to be the very best in auto repair in Clark County.

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the hole in the wall water damage post

Water Damage in Las Vegas

Water damage is certainly a problem many companies face at a least expected time. Most people freak out during this situation and hire the best and biggest company they can think of. Although, many business owners would be in better hands with a local company that does water damage restoration. In this post, we will elaborate on this and let you know the real reason why.

Water Damage Repair – What You Need to Know

What we all need to know about water damage repair services is that first of all, they are costly. Because they are extremely expensive to fix a major leak or flood, we need to be cautious who we spend our budget with. Most large companies see these jobs as just another number. Most of them will just do whatever it is that they did the last job and so on and so forth. Water damage restoration requires precise knowledge of the newest ways of extracting water. This is true since the old ways are more expensive and costly from the consumers end.


Large businesses are fine with staying with their old ways because they make more money. Smaller companies are more willing to give you a cheaper price for a better quality of service. This is due to their ability to get more referrals from you. The more referrals they get the better they do as a business.

Most smaller companies keep this in mind. If you use this information to benefit your company you’ll get a long way with getting better deals for services you need. Water damage is definitely one of the biggest problems you can have in your business. The flooding can be hectic and pressing to fix the issue as soon as possible. Hiring a smaller company means you will be able to get them there faster. Most small businesses are like this because of the simple fact that they need money ASAP! They can’t afford to go any given week without clients. They need customers on the regular, so you’re damn right to think they will treat you like a king. These people need more commercial businesses as clients.

Mold Removal & Remediation in Homes

So your house got moldy and you need a mold remediation company to come fix the problem. First thing you do is hop on the laptop and research companies near you that would best fit to help you. The thing is, most of these people are larger companies paying for marketing and advertising services. So you see those companies first and are now most likely to hire one of them.


The only problem here is that you are forced to go with mediocre services this way. As stated above, you need to have a smaller business so that you can get the best services possible. Water damage turns into mold after being unattended for too long. You need to make sure this problem is fixed before you get to the point of mold developing. Mold remediation is no easy task, and most likely, you’ll need to get the affected piece of wall or material removed and replaced.

Flooding in Your Office

When you’re at work and your feet are being submerged in water, you got a major issue! To fix this you can soak up as much of the water you can until you run out of resources. Then you can call a flood damage restoration company. Most likely they’ll be a general contractor that can extract the water and dry the leftovers. If this isn’t possible and your carpet is ruined, they’ll be able to replace the carpet for you. Make sure you call sooner rather than later to fix an issue like this. The longer you wait, the sooner your carpet will be ruined beyond repair, and also, the sooner mold will grow. Then, you’ll end up with a second problem. The key is to have a solution ASAP because then you’ll have less expenses for dealing with these types of issues.


Disaster Rescue is a leading company in Las Vegas for water damage restoration and flood extraction services. We recommend them well beyond any other company or organization that offers similar services.Flood damage is a harsh problem to have, but with the right help, you’ll get over this hump in no time. Disaster Rescue is heavily certified by the IICRC and will get your home dry in a matter of how long it takes for you to call them. Water damage repair hasn’t been easier than this. Disaster Rescue has helped us with all of our water damage Las Vegas problems. They have great customer support and also excellent customer service. They are open 24/7 and answer the phones almost immediately, no holds. They arrive on time and that’s why we recommend them over any other company on the market in Las Vegas, NV.

The Hole In The Wall Talks Internet Marketing

Welcome to our introductory post on The Hole In The Wall! Today, we’re going to make it about internet marketing. Most business owners don’t really see the true deep value in marketing on the internet. This may be due to the widely known fact that internet marketing usually takes months of investing in order to actually see results. While this may shy away most business owners, the top 1% in business all understand where people’s attention is going. And it’s on the internet, or as people on the opposite end of the spectrum call it, “on-the-line”.

The Hole In The Wall - Internet Marketing

The Hole In The Wall – Internet Marketing

SEO and Other Forms of Internet Marketing

There are many different ways to accomplish a good internet marketing campaign that delivers a great ROI for businesses. Here’s a small list of a few I can think of right off the top of my head:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Design
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Retarget Marketing

As you may have guessed, all of these don’t just work for any given business. Your specific business must be in mind for any marketing consultant to give you an accurate plan that will actually work for you. Some businesses may do better with SEO, some PPC, and some only retarget marketing will work. Or maybe even a package of 2 or 3 or even 4 of these marketing methods will work. Again, it depends on the business.

Optimizing a Website for Search Traffic

The one that really works the most out of them all, is most definitely SEO. We have tested and tested these methods for ourselves regarding blogs and clients of friends that own internet marketing agencies. Search Engine Marketing comes to the top of the list every single time. Especially search engine optimization, with PPC ads coming close as well, traffic just seems to convert much easier. Think about it, people are searching for what they want every day. So when someone needs a service or product, they search google. Google then brings up a list with results that are extraordinarily relevant to the search terms typed in the query.

So if you are a business that offers a service, imagine if people were typing in that service in real time, and your website comes up first. Then what? Well, for starters, potential customers will see your brand first. This is so important for marketing any form of service. This is because there is a psychological technique behind doing this. Psychologically, people are more willing to pay for a service from someone they know. I understand you may not know your potential customers yet, but after they see your logo and branding first, it’s as if they know you. It’s the same concept.

Why Should You Come Up First?

Another reason it’s good to come up first in search results is because you can come up in the maps section, let me explain. The maps section is directly below the advertisement section in local search engine result pages (SERPS). The coolest part about this section is that there are only 3 listings there. So 3 potential businesses can be in this area at any given time. So if you’re there, you’re pretty much in the top 3 to people that see this. Another really awesome thing about this section is that each business that’s listed on there, has a button to go to their website, a button for direction, and best of all, it displays the phone number right there so people can call without clicking through.

Just imagine the potential here guys. Being in front of people that are looking to pay someone for a specific service, and you being the first person there is just a no-brainer. This is true power my friends. Any business can benefit from being in these positions locally. The key is to find the highest searched keywords in your industry, and hire an SEO company to rank you for them.

Now Let’s Dig Deep

There’s a massive benefit to ranking first in the organic section as well. The reason it’s beneficial is because in comparison to the ads that come up first, more people trust and click through the organic (or free) listings on Google. You just need to be ranked for keywords that are most searched in your town for your specific product or service. I understand that keyword research is a very thorough process and may take up a lot of time to conduct. This is what we’ve hired SEOs to do for us in the past. It takes great effort and deep research to find those golden keywords that you want to be ranked for. It’s to just as simple as typing in your industry and finding a bunch of keywords that are typed in every month on Google and rank for those keywords.That would actually be a mediocre job.

How to do a Good Job

What needs to be done is a thorough search for keywords that people are typing in, clicking through, and buying or submitting their information. In other words, the real money is in finding keywords that actually convert. Now a lot of the times the keywords that convert are  also the highest ones searched. But that can arguably be due to just an increase in volume of searches, so therefor there’s an increase in conversion on the bottom line.

One of the best search engine optimization companies out there is Digital Dynasty. We have been working with them for a couple of years now and they never let us down. Every SEO project we give them they have came through for and actually got us an ROI. And it seems to me that that’s what they care about most. They don’t work with anyone unless they believe truly that they can deliver an ROI. These guys outranked people for global keywords that are searched thousands of times per month. They work with clients and they are based in Las Vegas, NV. Other than optimizing websites for search engines, they do much more.

Some of the other services they offer is web design, PPC ad management, domains & hosting, blogging, and retarget marketing. Here’s a link to the Official Digital Dynasty YouTube Channel. If you need SEO services in Las Vegas, Digital Dynasty is the best company you can go to in the valley.

We hope here at The Hole In The Wall that we always deliver the best information to business owners to increase their productivity and revenue!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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